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Josh and Amy Dardis, 406 Marketing and Design. Montana Web Design

Everything We Do Is About Helping You Do Everything Better

It was a dark and stormy night...and your email was getting flooded with tons of SPAM full of offers to get your website ranked #1 in 60 seconds or less, offers to make you millions with the click of a button, offers to give you free credit cards, free websites, free money, free cars, free french fries, and blah blah blah. And you're so over it! And so are we...

Seriously, do people actually fall for that stuff???

Here's what we know. So many things are automated, and fake, and set up to sell, sell, sell. Life has become a transaction full of empty promises, greed, and scams. And unfortunately we can't change that. But we can be different. We can be genuine, and personal, and honest. We can be in this world and not of it.

So what makes us more than just another company to hire? What makes what we do more than just another transaction? What makes us different?

Everything we do is about helping you do everything better. We're the support system, we're the cheerleaders, we're the game changers. We're the team who sits down with you and gets to know who you are, what you do, why you do what you do, and figures out a way to communicate that with the world. Because communication starts conversations, conversations build relationships, and relationships transform lives. That's our end goal. We get to make a difference for you so that you can make a difference for others.

We love to take the vision you have in your head, combined with the love and passion you have for what you do, and transform it into something that everyone else can see, understand, and relate with.

Your vision becomes a real thing...and that's when the real magic starts to happen.

It's a defining moment when you realize that the thing you've always dreamed about having is actually a reality. The game changes when everything you've known and believed in your head starts to be accepted by everyone else, because now they can see what you've seen all along.

And the truth is...we are blessed. We love what we do because we love who we get to work with. We get to spend our days building relationships, investing in people, and getting excited about what really matters. When we take on a new client it's not about just taking on another project, it's about taking on a cause that we believe in wholeheartedly and want to help succeed.

We put 110% into everything we do. What we do isn't a 9-5 thing, it's a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year type of thing. Because that's life, right? And what we choose to do isn't a job, it's a lifestyle. Because there will never be a moment when we don't care about the future of our clients.

So that's what you get when you work with us...a team of people fully invested in working with you for the long haul. Every little thing we do from designing websites, performing SEO, supporting your business, passing referrals, having coffee, hanging out...whatever it is, it's all for one thing...to build you up. To build your brand. To build your dream.

We started our business so we could do what we love...help others.

If you're wanting to get to the next level, wanting to make a change, looking for a way to make a difference, needing a support team to have your back, then simply reach out. We're always up for a good cup of coffee, a great conversation, and the chance to meet someone new.

Send us a private message or email, give us a call, or just straight up Facebook stalk us.


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