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Working Towards A Greater Great Falls


We’re Josh & Amy Dardis, owners of 406 Marketing & Design. We first started our business back in 2011 but didn’t really find success until 2016. We experienced first hand how difficult and frustrating it can be to start and grow a business here in Great Falls. 

When we first started our business we had no clear vision, we weren’t involved in the community, we had no lead generation strategy, no one knew who we were and we didn’t know how to get the message out there. We had no money to invest in marketing and even if we did, we didn’t understand our target audience or truly understand what our value was. We lacked clarity in every area. By the way, in case you are wondering, this is a recipe for business failure.

But as it happens, all those struggles and hardships worked out for the best. We had to work through each and every one of those obstacles and in doing so it gave us a new perspective, new skills, and a new passion to help other businesses and organizations right here in Great Falls work through those same issues. 

We truly feel blessed to live and work in Great Falls and we genuinely want to help others feel that way too. Our desire is to help the people, businesses and community of Great Falls thrive. We want to see more Great Falls businesses succeeding and less closing their doors. We believe that by helping Great Falls businesses & organizations overcome their biggest obstacles and operate at their highest potential we can collectively become a Greater Great Falls. 

We want to help Great Falls break free from what has been to embrace what can be...

  • To not be limited by our past but to pursue the undefined possibilities and potential of our future
  • To see Great Falls move forward, not just in circles
  • To see Great Falls attract, not deter
  • To see Great Falls develop, not decline
  • To see our community collaborate, not isolate

Our Mission

To Help Great Falls Businesses & Organizations...
  • Gain traction and momentum
  • Become connected and involved in our community
  • Market their business with affordability, efficiency and impact
  • Have clarity regarding their target audience, why, company culture, core values, message and marketing strategy
  • Attract, hire and develop the right people in the right roles
  • Be open to new people, businesses and ideas
  • Be excited and hopeful about the future of their business and community

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