6 Steps For Better Local SEO

By February 24, 2017 No Comments

Local Search Engine Optimization In 2019
Performing well in local search doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s a list of 6 simple steps you can do to make sure your Local SEO is working in your favor.

1. Make sure you’ve claimed or created a Bing for Business & Google Business Page.
This is one of the most important things you can do for your local SEO. Having a verified Google & Bing Business page will make your local listing show up when people search for your particular service. Local listings in Google Search stand out and most visitors don’t scroll past them. Make sure you’re business is verified on Google & Bing. To verify your business on Google go here, for Bing go here.

2. Select all of the appropriate categories for your business.
Google & Bing Local pages get served based on relevancy to the users search. The primary categories listed on your local business pages will tell the search Engine what services you offer and will show your page to people searching for that service. Double check your business profiles and make sure you have your categories filled in.

3. Have complete Google & Bing Profiles.
Having a complete profile will give you the extra boost you need. Make sure your about section, hours of operation, website URL, service locations, and all contact information is filled in.

4. Add Photos
Adding your logo and appropriate photos to your Local Business pages will help them stand out in search. Giving you the opportunity to get more website visits, phone calls, walk-in-traffic etc.

5. Check your local listings on a regular basis.
Sometimes people will recommend edits to your local listings that may not be accurate. Or they may ask you for more information regarding your business. It’s a good idea to log in to them and make sure there aren’t any pending notifications.

6. If Possible, Enable Reviews
If your business allows, enable Reviews on Google & Bing. Profiles with positive reviews will rank better over pages without them. Potential customers also use Google Reviews as a quick way to judge the legitimacy of a business. If you’re profile has more reviews than your competitor it’s likely they will go with you instead.

The 6 steps listed above are geared towards your local business profiles which is just one avenue of having great Local SEO. For those that would like to take things a step further, check out our SEO Guide for 2019.