Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

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google mobile friendly test tool

How Mobile Friendly Is Your Website?

Mobile Friendly design is now the status quo in the world of website design. If you’re wondering how your website performs on mobile devices you can use Googles new tool.

Google just launched an awesome and very easy to use new tool. It’s called The Mobile Friendly Test and can be found at

The test is simple. All you need to do is enter in your website URL and the tool analyzes your website within seconds.

The Mobile Friendly Tool then displays your results and shows an example of how your website appears on mobile phones.

We’re hoping your results are “Awesome!” and if not, then your website is in need of some serious updates.

Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Search Label

Mobile Friendly Design is incredibly important as often times your potential customer’s first impression is through your website on a mobile screen. More and more people are accessing websites through their phone instead of a full size monitor. This is so crucial that Google just launched a “mobile Friendly” label that now shows up in their search engine results. This will help mobile searchers determine which sites are mobile friendly within Google Search Results, before they ever even click on any links. Mobile Friendly Sites will out rank and obtain more clicks than those that are NOT labeled Mobile Friendly.

Google uses 4 main criteria to determine if your website is mobile friendly or not. Your website should comply with the following key characteristics:

  • Avoid Flash
  • Readable text that does not require zooming
  • Sizeable content that deters excess scrolling or zoom
  • Adequate spacing between links for easy selection