How Do I Make My Website Work for Me?

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– Your marketing needs to be very intentional. Know your specific target audience. Are you trying to reach a certain location, a specific age group or gender, a selected demographic or hobby interest, small businesses, stay at home moms, chefs and food lovers? Narrow down your audience and customize your content and strategy for those specific interests.


– Know how you are going to reach your audience. There are so many tools to use to attract future business. Consider the use of an RSS Feed and newsletter, connect with your audience through a friendly and interactive blog, launch an ad campaign through Google Adwords, make yourself known through your use of unique videos and tutorials, capitalize on your audience through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, or be creative with image campaigns and direct traffic to your site through the use of Pinterest. Don’t leave it all to chance and just hope that something happens. Know exactly how you plan on increasing your website traffic and expanding your audience.


– Pick key words and phrases that you want your audience to find you through. For example, if you are a local coffee shop in town then you should select specific key phrases that you want potential visitors to type into a search engine that will produce your shop as a result. Enrich your website with SEO so that your website is being purposely found through search engines.


– Using Google Analytics, WordPress Jet Pack, Site Stats or some other reporting tool or software is the best way to see what your website is actually doing. You should know where your traffic comes from, if it’s direct, referred, or organic. Know who is linking to your website, what your page rank is, what your peak traffic times are, what search results lead traffic to your page, etc. Know your website’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can identify what is working for you and what areas need improvement.


– Keep your website and content fresh and up to date. Give your audience a reason to come back! Upload new images, post new articles, launch new sales and ad campaigns, and keep your website design professional with software, plug in, and security upgrades and enhancements. Maintain the latest CMS and feature versions.


– Make sure your audience can access your website from anywhere! Have a responsive, mobile friendly, and cross browser compatible website. Maybe even consider a mobile App! Visitors should be able to access your site at home, at work, through a tablet, computer, laptop, or phone. Keep in mind that since technology is always changing, new software is always improving, and devices are always upgrading and your website needs to keep up with those changes as well.

Don’t settle for just having a website. Maximize your business potential by using your website to expand your business reach and stay connected with your customers.