How to Increase Web Traffic

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Why Your Website isn't doing anything for your business

You recently just paid to have your website redesigned. It’s beautiful, responsive, cross browser compatible, mobile friendly, has CMS, and all the other latest features your web developer recommended it needed. There’s one problem…nothing is happening. You haven’t seen increased traffic, business sales aren’t boosting, and your social media following hasn’t improved. What the heck?

There’s no reason to blame your web developer, your website, or yourself just yet. The number one reason why you haven’t seen any change isn’t because your website isn’t good enough…it’s because it’s not being found. Just because you recently had a redesign doesn’t automatically mean your website is now going to be the first search result that appears in a Search Engine. Having a website redesigned is a brilliant idea…but it’s only the first step.

Step two is equally and maybe even more important. The next step is to increase your website traffic and build your audience because without traffic you can’t convert new customers and without customers you can’t increase your business sales and productivity.

What can you do to increase your traffic?

GIVE IT TIME, BUT NOT TOO MUCH TIME –The most important thing to understand is that it will take time and you do need to have patience. The good news is, if you are consistent and patient you will see measureable results within a few months. If it takes longer than weeks or months to see a steady and gradual increase then something isn’t right.


SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION –More commonly known as SEO. Search Engine Optimization is using keywords & phrases, HTML Title & Heading Tags, NOFollow & DOFollow Links, anchor text optimization, and webmaster tools to OPTIMIZE your website content so that it shows up in SEARCH ENGINE results. Why is this important? Because top Search Engine Results, meaning results generated within the first few pages of a search query, direct visitors to your website. SEO is a marketing technique that really does work.


SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT SHARING –Develop content on your website that is easy to promote and share through Social Media sites. This is not just limited to having a Facebook page. Don’t underestimate the power of image marketing on Pinterest, Business Articles on LinkedIn, Videos on YouTube, or article submissions to Reddit & StumbleUpon. Implement your website content through other channels so that content will link back to your website.

E-MAIL MARKETING –Reach potential visitors through e-mail campaigns that market your business by offering valuable information to readers about sales, promotions, articles, and business events. Provide your website URL within your e-mails so that visitors can click to find out more information and be directed back to your website.


WORD OF MOUTH –Spread the word about your website the old fashioned way. Verbally inform your friends, customers, and business network that you had your website redone, it looks great, and that they should check it out. This isn’t the most effective way to boost website traffic but you should never dismiss an opportunity to promote your website and refer visitors.

PRINT MARKETING –Display your website URL on all your print materials like business cards, brochures, window signs, postcards, mailings, and flyers.


Google AdWords Campaign –Set a monthly budget and pay Google to advertise your business. Your Ad will show up in Search Engine Results in either the first listed results, the sidebar, or down at the bottom. Google Adwords is by far the most advanced and effective marketing platform and is an incredibly powerful tool when used correctly. If you are paying for any form of advertising Google Adwords is the best investment.

A website alone will not bring the traffic you want. Be sure to follow through with the next step and invest your time, energy, and maybe even money into driving traffic to your website.