Is Your Facebook Page Verified?

By February 14, 2017 No Comments
Facebook Page Verification

If you’re using Facebook for business you need to make sure your page is verified! Look next to the name of your page, does it have a check mark next to it? If not you need to verify your Facebook Page immediately.

Why does my page need to be verified?

Having your page verified on Facebook will make it show up higher in search results, allowing more people to find and connect with your page.

How to Verify Your Facebook Page

Visit the page you’d like to verify, click settings in the top right corner. In the General Settings section you should see Page Verification. If you’re page is not verified click verify now. Facebook will attempt to call the phone number listed for that business. If you have access to that phone line, simply record the pin number they provide you, enter the pin you received on your screen and you’re done! If there isn’t a phone number listed for the business or if the number doesn’t match other sources you will have to verify by uploading documents showing your business name and other appropriate information.