Marketing is Not Sales

By November 3, 2015 No Comments
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For a long time I have thought of marketing and sales as the same thing. I thought the two words were intertwined and replaceable with each other. To be honest, I have always hated sales. When I think about sales I think about pressure, selfishness, everyone being out for themselves, cutthroat, backstabbing…and it only gets more gruesome from there. Car shopping is probably one of my least favorite things to do. Sure, the idea of getting a new car is really exciting, but the torture I have to go through to get it…is it really worth it? I feel like I need to cling tight to my purse, and then rinse my mouth out, wash my hands, and then take a sanitizing shower after the deal is done. And maybe I’m being a little dramatic but I’m pretty sure you can all relate.

Why do I hate sales? Because I always wonder “Do they have my best interest at heart?” or are they there simply to serve there own interests and will stop at nothing to do so. I spend the entire time questioning true intentions and trying to determine if what they’re selling is really of value to me or just valuable to them. Because of all this I have avoided anything that ever had to do with selling. But then we started our own business and realized it was hard to avoid. Then we got into web marketing and online advertising, not only for our own business but on behalf of clients as well. It’s a huge part of what we do. So what changed? Did I just throw all my morals and reservations out the window in an effort to make money? Not at all.

I realized that my first mistake was my mindset. Marketing and sales are two different things. Sales is the interaction between two people in which a deal is made. It’s not always negative but it has the potential to be. Marketing is the continual pursuit of relationship through interactions over time. I really like viewing marketing as an investment into a relationship.

Marketing is about getting the word out there about who you are, what you do, and what you believe in. Marketing can exist without a sale. The ideal situation is that marketing over time eventually leads to a sale, but it doesn’t necessarily have to.

Every business markets differently. Some market with a car salesman attitude but some, like us, market with a relationship attitude. The best things in life don’t happen over night and most often they don’t happen without a considerable investment of time and energy.

As a business we choose to market by trying to be as genuine as possible. We use Social Media to show people the personal side. We’re a husband and wife, we’re a family, we love Montana, we love to experiment with food and try new things, we’re big supporters of our community and good causes. It’s hard to communicate all of that in one conversation or in a web page. But if you follow us on Instagram you get a daily glimpse into our life and our business.

We also choose to market by offering value. Whether we close a deal or make a sale, our number one priority is to always be a source of help. That’s why we designed our Q&A platform. We want to offer Montana businesses and entrepreneurs the opportunity to get help when they need it. They don’t have to sign up for anything, make any commitments, or sign any contracts. We just want to offer local businesses a way to move forward, even if we gain nothing from it accept the satisfaction of being able to help.

We’re a business that believes in never sacrificing integrity for the sake of a dollar sign. We’d rather have our reputation and happy clients then all the sales and a guilty conscience. Once we defined what marketing meant for us we were able to market in a whole new way.