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How Do I Make My Website Work for Me?

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– Your marketing needs to be very intentional. Know your specific target audience. Are you trying to reach a certain location, a specific age group or gender, a selected demographic or hobby interest, small businesses, stay at home moms, chefs and food lovers? Narrow down your audience and customize your content and strategy for those specific interests.


– Know how you are going to reach your audience. There are so many tools to use to attract future business. Consider the use of an RSS Feed and newsletter, connect with your audience through a friendly and interactive blog, launch an ad campaign through Google Adwords, make yourself known through your use of unique videos and tutorials, capitalize on your audience through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, or be creative with image campaigns and direct traffic to your site through the use of Pinterest. Don’t leave it all to chance and just hope that something happens. Know exactly how you plan on increasing your website traffic and expanding your audience. Read More

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5 Crucial Reasons to Hire a Web Developer

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– Web development takes time. Maintenance, software updates, upgrades, graphic design, creativity, enhanced security- it all takes time. A website takes time to build, but it takes constant time and energy to maintain. So unless your website is your full time job, then you’ll need that time and energy to focus on your business. Make sure your website is getting the focus it needs to work for your business.


– A good web developer knows what they’re doing. Sure there are all kinds of little website kits out there but there is so much more to a website than what comes in a kit. There’s trouble- shooting and maintenance, knowing where to look for errors, what error codes mean, and even more importantly what direction technology is moving in. Technology is constantly changing and morphing into the next phase which means your website should be too. If you want your website to be great and stay great then hire someone who knows what they’re doing. Read More

Elements of a Great Website

Elements of a Great Website

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There are millions of websites that exist on the world wide web and everyday technology is changing, maturing, and morphing into something more advanced than its previous version. With all the changes occurring it can sometimes be difficult to keep up. How do you know if the website you have is a good website? There are a few elements every website should have. Consider the checklist below.


Every website today should be responsive. A responsive website means that it adapts to any screen size it appears on. Why is that important? Because so many of your customers and potential customers are checking out your website through a variety of different devices like computer monitors, tablets, notebooks, and mobile phones. These device screen sizes average range is from 3 inches to 32 inches. It’s important that your website adapts to any size and displays all your information accurately and correctly while maintaining its unique layout and design.


Your website should look great on a mobile phone. It can either be responsive and simply adapt to the small screen size or you can even design a specific simple and easy mobile version of your website. This means that the version a guest sees on their phone looks different than the version they would see on the computer in the sense that the information, layout, and design is specifically focused to someone who is accessing your site through their mobile phone. Mobile Friendly websites are so important that Google now labels which sites are “mobile-friendly” in Google Search Results. For Google to consider your website mobile friendly and label it as such in search results, it has to comply with 4 main criteria: Avoid flash, readable text that does not require the zoom feature, sizeable content that deters excess scrolling and zooming, and adequate spacing between links for easy selection. Use Google’s new Mobile-Friendly Test Tool to find out if your website is mobile friendly.


Does your website display exactly the same on Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer? Does it also display exactly the same on every version of each of those browsers? It’s important to understand that everyone is using a different version of a different browser. Your website may look great on Google Chrome but has some major display errors on Internet Explorer 8, and a whole different set of display errors on Firefox 10. You can’t control what version and browser every website guest views your website on BUT you can make sure that it’s cross browser compatible so that no matter the browser or version, your website looks awesome! Read More