Success is a Mindset

By December 30, 2016 No Comments
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Success is a mindset.

Success is an attitude.

Success is not defined by our circumstances, our bank account, or our reputation.

We are not successful because of a label others give us. We have not arrived when someone else tells us we have arrived.

We are successful when we begin to view ourselves that way. Our ability to elevate ourselves comes from within. And it’s not to an elevation of pride or of fame or fortune. It’s our unique ability to think differently. Our ability to elevate ourselves from depression to passion. From sorrow to joy. From passive to proactive. From self pity to selflessness. From idleness to productiveness. The power to elevate comes from within and every level of elevation is defined differently for each of us. And only we can truly define what this is for ourselves.

This isn’t a comparison game, it’s not a label game, it’s not a game for anyone to participate in but ourselves.

If there is something that owns us, that traps us, that has a hold over us, success comes when we start to change our thinking, our outlook, our mentality, our actions to elevate ourselves from that situation. If you come from a place of negative thinking and you’ve broken that habit, you are successful! If you come from a place of insecurity, a life lived in fear of what others think and you are able to overcome that mindset you have achieved success! If you come from a life controlled by addiction and darkness and you’ve found freedom from that, you have won! AND your victory belongs to you. Your life has been changed. You have been transformed. That victory is real, it is powerful and you own that!

The confidence that comes from that victory gives you the growth and conviction and confidence to move on to the next battle. Because there will always be another battle. There will always be another challenge, another season of trial and tribulation. Our ability to move beyond and grow is not limited to a one time thing, it is a lesson learned that will continue to mature and develop and refine as we do. But we are victorious in that ability. We have the ability to conquer our demons, our chains, our prisons regardless of what they look like or how powerful they seem. We have done it before and we will do it again. We will not give up, we will not be defeated.

For every single one of us that story is different. But my story and your story holds no more value or significance than another’s. That is a gift, that is freedom, that is victory. That is how we move through this life from one season to the next, continually learning, growing, fighting and winning.