What Can A Mobile Friendly Website Do For Your Business?

By May 17, 2015 No Comments

The internet has taken over and is a part of our everyday life. It’s an integral part of how we stay connected, how we find information, how we enjoy entertainment, and how we do business. The web can be used as a powerful and effective business building tool but only if we understand how to use it.
One of the most crucial tools your business can benefit from is a mobile friendly website. 2/3rds of the American population now own smart phones and 80% use their smartphones to access the internet. People are using their phones to access information quickly and easily. As a business it’s imperative to efficiently offer your customers what they’re looking for.

4 Reasons Mobile Friendly Website Are So Important

Mobile Friendly Websites Establish a First Impression

An old stale dated website immediately sends the message that you are an old, stale, and dated business. A visitor might wonder if you are still in business or possibly on the verge of shutting down. A clean, professional, updated website gives the impression that you are a thriving business that is moving forward and understands your clientele. This impression happens within the first 30 seconds of visiting your website. This does not even include content or pages. The first impression is based on how long your site takes to load, whether the website fills up the screen it’s displayed on no matter the size, whether the website is clean and easy to digest and they can find the information they are looking for right away. All those things add up to one thing- mobile friendly sites produce great first impressions.

Mobile Friendly Websites Connect With Your Visitors

A mobile friendly website optimizes your customer’s user experience thus making it a pleasant and enjoyable one. A clean, fresh, and responsive layout allows your customer to easily visit your website from any device especially from their mobile phone. Even on such a small screen, the information they are looking for is easily found and digested. There is no miniscule print to have to figure out, no excessive scrolling and zooming, no links that can’t properly be clicked on because anyone with a normal size finger can’t select it without also selecting three other links at the same time.

Mobile Friendly Websites Give You a Competitive Advantage

On April 21, 2015 Google officially changed its search engine algorithms to factor in mobile friendly websites. Basically this means that a mobile friendly website outranks a website that isn’t mobile friendly. This is because with more and more people conducting searches from their mobile phones and tablets it is important that websites be adaptable to the users screen and easy to use. Google uses “mobile Friendly” labels within search engine results. This helps mobile searchers determine which sites are mobile friendly before they ever even click on any links. Mobile Friendly Sites out rank and obtain more clicks than those that are NOT labeled Mobile Friendly. To find out if your website is considered Mobile Friendly use Google’s Mobile Friendly Test Tool.

Mobile Friendly Websites Drive More Visitors to Your Website

We don’t live in the good ol’ days anymore where people will just drive by your store or look you up in the phone book. Potential visitors will look you up but it will most likely be from an online search engine like Google. Thanks to Google’s latest update, allowing your mobile friendly website to outrank those that are not mobile friendly, visitors are more likely to click on your website link to find what their looking for.

Technology is changing the way we do business. The best business leaders are those who understand how to use technology to expand their business.