We Want To Help New & Existing Businesses…

  • Become connected and involved in their communities
  • Market their business with affordability, efficiency and impact
  • Gain traction and momentum
  • Have a clear understanding of their target audience, why, company culture, core values, message and marketing strategy
  • Avoid the struggle, isolation and discouragement that often comes as an entrepreneur
  • Apply practical advice specific to their unique situation
  • Be encouraged by the experiences of other entrepreneurs
  • Attract, hire and develop the right people in the right roles
  • Be excited and hopeful about the future of their business and community

In order to help Montana businesses achieve this vision, we work with businesses, organizations and individuals in the following ways…

Marketing Strategy

We help you identify your target audience, develop your marketing message, define strategic partnerships, perform a website assessment, improve your ROI on advertising efforts and dollars so you have a clear understanding of what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and the results you expect to see.

Applicant Interviews and Employee Assessments

Is your potential hire the right hire? Is your current team operating to its maximum potential? Every individual has unique talents and abilities to contribute. We perform personality assessments and in depth interviews to find out what each individual has to offer, how to develop and motivate them and place them in the roles where those abilities are able to shine, develop, and add to the value, efficiency and profitability of your organization.

Defining The Company Culture, Why, Core Values and Vision

Are you struggling to cast vision and motivate your team? Are your employees working for a paycheck instead of working towards a great cause? We help organizations identify, define, communicate and apply their core values, their why, and the vision to their employees as well as clients and customers in order to experience a vibrant company culture, unified clarity and direction, and increased momentum and growth.

Consulting and Coaching

We help develop organizations and entrepreneurs both personally and professionally in ways specific to their needs, struggles, frustrations and situations. Our consulting and coaching services can help

  • Reduce employee turnover rates
  • Better qualify potential applicants
  • Increase productivity
  • Build networking skills and business relationships
  • Improve operating efficiency
  • Limit wasted spend
  • Increase confidence
  • Master work/life balance
  • Build overall momentum and growth
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