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Web Strategy & Website Redesign

An old, dated, confusing and poorly performing website that didn’t generate any leads or rank well in search engines.

Client’s complaints about their old website:
Didn’t generate any leads
Outdated content
Didn’t communicate clearly
A pain to update and maintain

We outlined a purposeful strategic flow from start to finish, used clear calls to action on every page to invite engagement, integrated online credit and employment applications to capture every lead and incorporated organic SEO to help build their brand and drive traffic to their website.

General Distributing experienced an immediate increase in Google Rankings that has continued to grow since their new website launch. They receive inquiries, credit applications and employment applications on a weekly basis. Their new website is creating an even better experience for their existing customers and is helping their sales team work more efficiently to attract new customers.

Averages 30 quality form submissions a month. Old site averaged 0.
SEO rankings improved every month since launch

General Distributing Says...
"Incredible support and timeliness! These people ROCK! So glad we joined their team - they make my updating our site, seamless and flawless!" - Kirk Hindoien

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