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If you’re like most business owners you’ve probably had a bad experience when it comes to marketing your business… Traditional methods are losing their effectiveness and more and more business owners are falling into that trap… Spending thousands of dollars on marketing & advertising and seeing no valid results at the end… we have good news for you. Marketing can work, most of the time it just doesn’t. Creating a campaign that actually works takes way more work than placing 1 ad or buying 50 radio spots. It takes consistent action, day in and day out in a similar direction. There’s no magic formula or secret sauce.

It’s a group effort

Marketing requires an effective strategy… and it usually takes more than 1 avenue for it to be successful. Our campaign strategies are created with the intention of getting you the most return on your investment. Before we start any campaign we come up with a recommended solution that usually consists of a combination of web, social & pay-per-click advertising. We will find out where your customers hang out, what they like eat, what kind of shoes they wear… and then we attack! Just kidding… Identifying the target customer is where most campaigns fail miserably. Everyone seems to think everybody on the planet wants to hear what you have to sell…they don’t!

Printing in the newspaper is similar to standing on a random street corner and shouting your business name & phone number over and over again. Do you think that would work? I doubt it…so stop doing it!

Only a small select number of people are actually looking for what your trying to sell. By changing your advertising methods you can stop wasting money shouting from the street corner and start whispering in the locations you know your customer is hanging out.

That all sounds great but how do we do it?

Over the years we have crafted our process, fine tuned it, and oiled the gears. It is now a well oiled machine. Your poorly designed website or lack of website & marketing strategy goes in one end…and a beautiful website & ROI driven marketing campaign comes out the other end. In all seriousness, Our discovery process is where all the magic happens. This is where we sit down with you and the key decision makers in the business and get down to the nitty gritty. 5-6 meetings of torturous questions to find out what we need to know in order to create an ROI positive campaign. At the end of our discovery process you’ll have a written document with the step by step for taking your business to that next level.


It’s no secret, we build amazing websites that get our customers results. If you’re looking for web design or development to compliment your business marketing strategy look no further than 406. We would encourage you to check out our website portfolio or reach out to local business owners and ask them about their experience with 406.


Today’s most underutilized marketing platform. Facebook! That’s right, most business owners have no idea what they are missing out on with Facebook’s advanced targeting features. You can effectively pay to show your message to the exact demographic you choose. Including narrowing your ads to job title, employment status, geographic location, annual revenue, and tons of other metrics.

Pay-Per Click

PPC can be extremely effective for driving sales, especially when managed correctly. 406 Marketing & Design can get you started on AdWords or revamp your existing Pay Per Click campaign. Sit back & relax knowing your campaigns are being monitored & optimized on a weekly basis.

On-Going Optimization

A well designed marketing campaign is only effective if it is constantly monitored and updated. Ads created on social media and PPC quickly burn out with your audience. In order for marketing to be effective your campaigns need to be watched and adjustments need to be made over time to achieve the best ROI.

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