Hey There! So you just spent a lot of time, energy and money having your website revamped. It’s new and exciting and we’re hoping you totally love it! But the thing is, we really want you to stay excited about your website. We want you to want to update it and use it to it’s optimal potential.

Realistically though, not all web developers feel the same way we do and we’ve seen many websites that were once awesome become stale and outdated. We’ve come across a few common reasons as to why that is…

Top 3 Reasons Websites Become Stale and Outdated

Reason #1 – DIY works in theory but not in reality
Most people aren’t real techy and definitely don’t have the time or desire to try to update it themselves. You’re busy, super busy, running your business and the website is just one of those things that gets pushed to the back burner for obvious reasons.

Reason #2 – Pulling teeth is no fun
There are a lot of web developers out there that are hard to get a hold of, don’t do website updates in a timely manner, make the process more difficult than it needs to be, don’t communicate clearly, etc… You’d like to update your website, but you prefer to avoid the frustration of dealing with your developer.

Reason #3 – Paying for every update is a pain
When you know you’re going to get a bill everytime you want to do anything to the website, it causes quite a bit of hesitation, leading to you only updating the website when it’s absolutely necessary.

We make it as easy as possible for you to update your website

Our Managed Web Care solves what we’ve found to be business owner’s most common frustrations. We believe that websites are an extension of your business and we provide our Managed Web Care services according to a few core principles…

Managed Web Care Principles

Your website investment should be protected
So we routinely perform standard updates, security scans, and provide weekly back-ups and monthly hosting of your website.

Websites should be updated
So we make it super easy. You can email, call or text us anytime. No frustrating and impersonal ticketing systems and no rules limiting how often you can contact us. We promise to complete all updates within 24-48 hours of your request.

Insight & reporting is valuable
So from time to time we’ll chat about your website traffic, discuss how to improve website conversions, and brainstorm new ideas about how to continue to improve your site.

Services should be predictable and affordable
So we provide all inclusive service packages. You have the freedom to have your website updated and changed as you need for one set monthly rate and no surprise bills.

You should enjoy the process
So we invest in building a relationship with you and genuinely enjoy hearing from you. We might ask about your kids, your latest adventures, or how it was fun running into you at the gym or the grocery store.

Clients should be happy
So we don’t lock you into any long term contracts. We work for you for as long as you want us to. If you want to move in a different direction then we gracefully make it as easy as possible for you to do so.

We offer our managed web care for all new website builds, website redesigns, as well as for business owners who are unhappy with the level of support they’re getting from their current web developers.