Rocky Mountain Treatment Center



Web Strategy & Website Redesign

A poorly performing website that didn’t generate leads. Website loaded slowly, was clunky, and didn’t communicate the value of their program. There was no clear marketing message or strategy and they were wasting thousands of dollars a month on ineffective advertising.

We created a clear marketing message and strategy and then implemented it using their website, Google Ads and Facebook marketing. We optimized every page of the website, completely rebuilt their Google Ads campaign, and helped jump start their Facebook campaigns.

A website that works fluidly and effectively with all their marketing efforts in order to optimize conversions. Leads are generated across all platforms and they were able to double their marketing ROI.

Average 30 website form submissions per month. Old site averaged 1-2.
Average 200 calls per month through Google Ads. Previous average 60 calls/month.
Average Cost Per Click decreased by 50%.
Average 100 leads per month through Facebook Ads. Previous average 0.

What The Client Says...
"Josh and Amy go above and beyond, they are always available on short notice and complete tasks in a thorough and timely manner. They have fundamentally transformed our marketing efforts in only a couple months. Our AdWords cost per click is down by half, and our conversions are through the roof. Website traffic is vastly improved on every metric, our website has been redone content wise with vastly improved ease of use, and Amy has helped us develop a strategic plan to ensure we consistently, clearly, and compellingly represent our value add to potential clients. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to take their marketing to the next level." - Thomas Reisberg

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