You Should feel Great About Your PPC Account…But You Don’t…

The pay-per-click market is highly competitive and its important to always have that slight edge. Adwords Marketing is a great way to reach potential buyers before your customers do. The idea is solid, but the follow through hasn’t been.

Maybe this Sounds Familiar

  • I feel like I’m losing money, not investing it
  • I’m not entirely sure what my PPC manager actually does
  • I have no idea how my account is performing
  • I’m paying for a lot of clicks but not qualified leads
  • I’m not sure if my PPC campaign is even working
  • I get reports but I don’t understand them
  • I pay for PPC but I’m unhappy with the results
  • I have an “All Inclusive” account set up. My ad spend and campaign management are lumped into one sum.

These are all red flags. Trust your gut, something is wrong and it’s time to figure out what.



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The Secret to PPC Success is a Well Managed Campaign

Adwords works, but only when it’s managed well. PPC is an ideal targeted advertising method to show buyers exactly what they’re looking for before your competitor does.

A Well Managed Campaign Will…

  • Attract the Right Buyers
  • Drive Qualified Buyers to Exactly What They’re Looking For
  • Increase Your Ad Position Without Paying More
  • Increase Impressions and Clicks While Driving Down Cost
  • Bring Buyers to Your Door Without You Having to Go Out and Get Them

The Key to a Well Managed Campaign is a PPC Company That Knows What They’re Doing

Choosing a PPC Manager can be a tough decision. Here’s what to look for…

  • Profesional reports that display the success of your ppc campaigns
  • Receiving quality reports on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Long term tracking of key performance indicators.
  • Monthly Cost Per Acquisition or Cost Per Lead analysis

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Make your advertising dollars go further with a well managed campaign