Reviews are everything. Social proof is everything. Google Reviews will help grow your business. Online perception has never been more important, it’s the initial handshake of any online relationship. It sets the standard for the client aand more importnatly provides a new level of confidence for the buyer. When buyers can see that you’ve solved a similar problem for another person can go a long ways. Image in you were searching for someone to help you steamline your sales process… and the all of the sudden you find 5 star reviews for a company that have solved the exact same problem you have! You would probably go with them over another that had zero google reviews right?

The review above all other reviews

Before buyers see your Facebook Reviews, Google Business Reviews, Linkedin Recommendations, they will see your Google Reviews first! That means Google Reviews are Primary and all others are secondardy.</p.

Social proof equals buying power.

The greater your social proof the more potential buyers will trust you. Selling using E-Commerce is incredibly difficult…having a strong social backing can help ease the pain.

Reputation Management for Small Businesses

406 Marketing & Design provies reputation management services for small businesses that will help streamline the online review process and help combat against any negative reviews. Resulting in more reviews, more social proof, and more sales.

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