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Great Falls Area Chamber of Commerce

Great Falls Area Chamber Of Commerce
Objective:​ Create a new website for the Chamber that encourages new member sign ups and also provides information on how existing members can get connected and get the most out of their Chamber membership.

Strategy:​ Create an easy to use website that has all the necessary information, show value for non-chamber members & provide information for existing members.

Results:​ In the first week of being online the new website saw a massive increase in traffic and decrease in bounce rate.

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Allure Aesthetics
Objective:​ An easy to use, engaging website built for their customers that increases their online reach and online bookings.

Strategy:​ We re-designed Allure’s website so that it was easy to navigate and understand. Every page has a clear strategic flow, purpose and call to action.

Results:​ ​The easy to use website allows potential and recuring customers to book apointments and reach out to them.

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Bloomgren Rivera & Co, PLLC

Objective:​ Create an engaging website that increases their online reach and customer acquisition.

Strategy:​ We re-designed Bloomgren Rivera’s website so that it was easy to navigate and more professional looking. We also incorporated a ‘ask us anything’ attitude into the site so potential customers would feel more comfortable reaching out to them.

Results:​ ​An increase in search visibility and local search results creating more opportunities to reach new customers.

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