4 Ways to Attract More Local Business Using Your Website

4 Ways to Attract More Local Business Using Your Website

All entrepreneurs and marketing teams share one common objective: getting more customers. The internet offers different opportunities to sell your brand and attract leads to your site. However, most marketers and entrepreneurs face the challenge of drawing the right audience to their company website. If your site doesn’t get any traffic, then it’s chances of generating sales are slim.

So how do you use your site to generate traffic, attract leads, and generate conversions? Let us explore.

Practical Tips For Reaching Local Customers Through Your Website

Your company website is not just a static marketing platform. If you manage it correctly, you can attract more leads and convert your prospects into loyal customers.

Here are four practical ways to attract more local business through your website:

Leverage Google Business and Bing Business Listings

When using local search engine optimization (SEO), you can drive traffic through Google My Business and Bing Places for Business. Both platforms can efficiently grow your site traffic and deliver excellent results.

Either listing allows your business to show up whenever a customer searches for your services within your location. Appearing in the local results means additional visibility, and those looking for solutions can easily find you.

Google and Bing business listings also allow you to display your contact details and opening hours. This prevents clients from getting lost if they don’t know how to reach you or what time you’re operational.

Your audience can also access reviews about your services which can help you stand out from your competitors. If your business has twenty 5 star reviews and your competitor only has 3, chances are internet searchers will go to your business first. If your business isn’t set up on Google Business you can do so here. You can claim and set up your Bing business listing here. Make sure your listings are verified, and you’ve entered all necessary information; your address, phone number, website URL, primary category, secondary categories, and business description. It can also help if you add photos, encourage customers to leave you reviews, and create posts regarding promotions or special holiday events. These small details can play a huge role in making sure your local listing shows up when people are searching for what you offer.

Communicate Your Brand Value and Message

In the current competitive business world, it helps to have a strong brand identity. This comprises the story your brand tells, your company values, and the emotions you intend to elicit among your audience whenever they interact with your company. In essence, it encompasses your business personality and your assurances to clients.

Once you’ve understood your brand, you’ll be able to find the best way to communicate your value and message through your site. This should be the first thing website viewers see as soon as they arrive on your website. Consider crafting a unique selling proposition and placing that front and center on your website homepage. This will allow users to quickly understand the value your business brings and how you might be able to help them.

Make Sure Your Website Is User-Friendly and Optimized for Mobile

The site must not only have an excellent appearance but must also offer a seamless user experience to whoever’s visiting. They must be able to find whatever they’re looking for quickly and with ease. One excellent way to make your site user-friendly is to optimize it for mobile.

Nowadays, more people are on their smartphones. As such, you must ensure your site maintains a great structure even on smartphone and tablet browsers. You can easily find out whether it’s optimized for mobile by checking out how the site looks on different mobile browsers.

Most importantly, always include a call to action to tell your audience what they’ll do with the content you’ve just offered. Also, remember to guide the customers on how they can reach you locally.

Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

If you’re serious about growing your clientele through your company website, you must ensure your site is optimized for search engines. This not only attracts traffic to your site but also offers lots of opportunities to convert prospects.

Begin with keyword research to learn what your audience actually searches for. Also, look for popular, engaging topics within your niche. The next step would be to optimize your pages for search. You can do this by creating content that matches the “search intent.” Also, design brief and descriptive URLs and create compelling descriptions and meta titles.

Let’s use an automotive repair or mechanic shop as an example. This business should make sure they have a specific page describing their mechanic services on their website. If they specialize in Tune Ups, General Automotive maintenance, and transmission repair. They should create a unique page for each of those services. Let’s focus on automotive maintenance as an example. They should create an ‘Automotive Maintenance’ page on their website. It should include descriptions of what types of maintenance they perform, the URL of the page should be something like example.com/automotive-maintenance. The H1 heading tag on the page should be ‘Automotive Maintenance Great Falls, MT’ and the page content should answer questions the searcher might have. Doing this for each service will greatly increase the likelihood their website will show up in local search.

Key Takeaway

Most small businesses believe that once they’ve built a website, customers will just come. But it doesn’t work like that. The real job involves giving customers a reason to visit your site and optimizing your local business listings and your on page SEO to help increase your rankings. The above tips will help you generate leads from your site and convert them to loyal clients.

Still unsure of how you can get the most out of digital marketing? Do you want to identify and fix the loopholes that hinder you from getting more website visits? Contact us today for guidance or to learn if your site is fully optimized to attract local business.