Tips for Converting Website Traffic Into Customers

Basic Tips For Converting Website Traffic Into Customers

Do you have a business website? If so, is your content impeccable, and does your site have the right page layout? Maybe your site has all the right elements, but you’re still failing to convert casual visitors into committed buyers. Here’s why a conversion-focused website is so important, along with what you need to include and what we have to offer.

What Is A Conversion-Focused Website?

You’re probably wondering what we mean by a conversion-focused website. The simple definition is that this is a website that’s designed to convert web visitors into committed customers. To do this, you need to use various types of conversion tools that are made for making your web visitors engaged as well as take action.

Consider how your website needs to serve as an entryway for funneling sales. Thus, it’s critical that your site presents an offer that shows how your products or services can solve problems.

Basic Elements Your Website Needs For Converting Visitors Into Customers

Several basic elements need to be included in your site so that it’s turned into a converting machine. These include:

1. Your unique selling proposition (USP)

One of the main factors of a conversion-focused website is a unique selling proposition. In other words, how does your brand stand out from your competitors? Besides stating how your brand is different from the others, make sure you place your statement “above the fold”. In web design, above the fold means you put all the pertinent information you consider important up front or at the top of your page.

2. A Call to Action

A CTA or Call to Action is an especially critical component of a conversion-focused site. Put simply, a CTA is a marketing tactic used by businesses that prompts potential customers to buy their products and/or services. Usually, businesses use a CTA button. Even more important than the color, size and shape of your CTA button is where you place it on your page. The best place for a CTA is usually on your landing page, above the fold.

Besides having a primary CTA, you need to also include a secondary CTA for visitors who aren’t ready to make a purchase. Consider how it can be a good way for further engaging as well as capturing visitors who aren’t that interested in your primary CTA. Your secondary CTA should not be as prominent as your main CTA.

3. Relevant Trust Factors

Most people want to know if others have been satisfied with using your brand. Thus, one of the main things that web visitors look for when judging a business is reviews from customers. Besides your positive reviews, people want to see testimonials about your business. Other relevant trust factors may include examples of your work, testimonials, client logos and published writings.

4. Visible Contact Information

Be sure your contact information is easy to find. Most people look for a business’s contact information at the top of the page.

Other Considerations & Warnings

  • Use the right colors for your website. Consider how color plays a significant role in converting visitors into customers. Color can affect emotions, making a difference whether someone follows through with a purchase by clicking your CTA button.
  • Use SEO-friendly content—By using the right keywords in your webpage’s content, you’re more likely to convert visitors. Just be sure you use your keywords naturally, so they don’t seem forced. When content is presented in a natural way, more people are drawn to your site and take action.
  • Be sure your site is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Therefore, don’t make your website overwhelming.
  • Use the best site design—In addition to looking good, your website should represent your brand. But it’s even more important that it’s designed with an effective user experience (UX), which means what users both think and feel. The more people that are able to easily get through your site as well as enjoy reading your content, the greater the odds of them becoming customers.
  • Besides using a CTA for making a purchase, a CTA can also be used for subscribing to a newsletter, watching a video or other types of actions you’d like your visitors to take.

Don’t settle for a business website that isn’t customer-conversion focused. For more information on how we can help transform your website into a site that converts visitors into buying customers, contact us.

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