Search Engine Optimization Guide 2019

Potential customers are searching for the exact service you’re offering every single day. Capitalizing on internet traffic and performing search engine optimization is one cheapest, and most effective things you can do when it comes to marketing your business online.

This is not intended to be a all inclusive “how-to” guide, instead we’ve provide short topics you can focus on to improve your rankings over time. If you like simple lists you can download our Search Engine Optimization checklist here.

Content Is Still King SEO 2019

Have Relevant Content On Your Website

Have content on your website that is relevant to the service you’re offering and the search term people are using to find it… IE. If you offer Drain Cleaning Service make sure you have a page on your website dedicated to describing this service. If you offer multiple services make sure you have a dedicated page for each one. Try to make your website content valuable to the user. Things to remember:

  • Your website is not for you it’s for them!
  • If you’re solving a problem for your client.. include the problem, your solution, and how you solve it for them on your website.
  • Have calls to action and clean navigation on every page.
  • Structure your website with your ideal customer in mind. If you don’t know who your ideal customer is, consider completing a customer avatar.

Responsive Web Design Mobile Friendly Web Design Great falls Chamber

Have A Mobile Friendly Website

Search Engines like Google & Bing now penalize sites that aren’t mobile friendly… Make sure your website is easy to use on mobile devices, if you’re not sure you can use Google’s Mobile Friendly Test Tool to test your site. If you’re website fails the test consider making some improvements. When it comes to driving traffic and increasing search rankings, user experience should always be a priority.

Website Speed Optimization SEO 2019

Have A Fast Website

Website loading speeds have an impact on your search engine rankings. Make sure your website loads quickly. Less than 3 seconds is ideal, less than 2 seconds is great!

Here’s a few resources that you can use to test your website speed & resolve issues:


Have A Secure Website

In 2019 Search Engines are giving preference to sites that are secured with a SSL certificate. If your site URL loads with http:// consider having your web developer add a SSL.

Use this SSL Checker Tool to see if your site has an SSL certificate installed.

If your site has an SSL, make sure all HTTP URLS redirect to HTTPS.
For example, should automatically redirect users to the SSL secure version

If you have an SSL certificate active on your site and setup properly you shouldn’t be able to access the http version from the web browser, it should automatically redirect to the https version.

Google My Business Bing Places

Have Verified Google Business & Bing Business Profiles

Make sure your local listing on Google & Bing are both verified and updated with the proper information. Performing Local SEO can have a huge impact on your search engine rankings.
Things to make sure are accurate

  • Business Name, Location, Contact Info, Service Area, Business Categories, Photos, Services, Menus, Reviews, Hours of Operation
  • Manage your Google local business listing here.
  • Manage your Bing local business listing here.

Website SEO Clean Code

Strategic use of H1, H2, Page Titles & URLS

H1, H2, Page Title, & URL together play a major role in your search rankings. If your website pages are missing a H1, or have an irrelevant page title, you might be missing out more than you think…

Create individual pages for each keyword you want to target. Here’s an example for targeting the keyword ‘General Contractor Great Falls’:

  • H1 – General Contractor Great Falls, MT
  • H2 – Experienced General Contractor Great Falls, MT
  • Page Title – General Contractor Great Falls – CompanyName
  • URL –
  • Meta Description – Our 53 years of combined experience make us the best choice for your General Contracting needs. Currently serving Great Falls and surrounding areas.

By adding the keyword to each of these fields you’re telling Search Engines that this page is relevant and should be shown to searchers.

Link Building For SEO

Back link: A link to your site from another website.

Backlinks are still a major factor when it comes to search engine rankings in 2019.

Look for opportunities to link to colleagues, partners, affiliates etc. Natural back links from relevant sites will boost your rankings.

If you’re a local catering company, you might try obtaining a back link from a local wedding planner. Or if your a local contractor you might try obtaining a back link from a supplier or subcontractor.

Webmaster Tools SEO

Webmaster Tools

Google & Bing both have their own webmaster tools platforms. They’re designed to help you inform search engines about your website, so they can index it more effectively. At a minimum every business should verify their website properties and submit updated sitemaps in both platforms. You’ll also receive notifications if something changes with your site or if you have any crawl errors.

Upload A Sitemap

Using your verified webmaster tools profiles you can enter a URL for your sitemap. This file tells search engines what pages are on your site.

  • If you don’t have a sitemap file you can generate one here.
  • Download the text file (sitemap.xml)
  • Upload to your website public director IE
  • Enter this URL in your Google & Bing Webmaster Tools Sitemap Section.
  • Make sure your sitemap has been processed successfully by checking status in the dashboard.
  • Update your sitemap or use auto-updates to have the most recent version of your sitemap.xml that includes all of your website pages that you want indexed in search engines.

Manage Your Bing Webmaster Tools Profile Here.

Manage your Google Webmaster Tools Profile Here.

Have An Error Free, Index-able Website

Errors on your website can cause Google & Bing to penalize your site, or worse, fail to index it at all. If there’s crawl or indexing issues with your site Google/Bing Webmaster Tools will list them in the crawl errors section or notify you via email. It’s a good idea to log into webmaster tools to check for any issues or warnings regarding your site.

SEO IN 2019

Updated Social Profiles

Search Engines are beginning to use Social Signals as a way to verify if a brand or business is reputable. If one of the popular social platforms has your target audience on it, consider creating a profile or working on an existing one to send positive vibes towards your website. Having a Facebook, Instagram, Google Business or other social profile with your business information, Website URL and a few followers can give you an extra bump in search rankings.

These types of social profiles can help your search rankings:

  • Google Business Listing
  • Bing Places Listing
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Instagram Business Page
  • LinkedIn Business Page
  • Yelp, Urban Spoon, Facebook Reviews, Etc.

Website Analytics SEO

Make Improvements Over Time

Search Engine Optimization is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep historical data, stats and analytics related to your website so you can make informed decisions. Make sure you have Google Analytics installed.

Track Everything

Important metrics to monitor:

  • Website Visitors
  • Avg. Session Duration
  • Bounce Rate
  • Pages/Session
  • Form Submissions
  • Sign-Ups/Conversions
  • Search Engine Rankings
  • Specific Keyword Rankings
  • Calls From Google Business Listing
  • # of Requests For Directions

If you have questions regarding search engine optimization, or the content listed in this guide feel free to contact us.

If you’d like more details on the current state of your website fill out the form on this page to request a free website audit. You’ll receive a PDF that includes amazing insights into your website and it’s performance. Including search engine rankings, page speed, conversion optimization and more. It will also provide you actionable steps to improve your website performance.

Download our Search Engine Optimization checklist here.